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Collaboration around the Tobias Tree Foundation

Yesterday we had a visit from the Tobias Tree Foundation and Roche here at Chorus’s office!

The focus was the first step to make Tobias Tree a sharp communication platform for doctors in various subspecialties. The goal is to connect different doctors whom today do not have contact – or even know each other – to facilitate communication and exchange of experience regarding patient cases that they have not encountered previously.

Both Chorus and Roche strongly believe in the value of such a solution and therefore want to help Tobias Tree get started. Big thanks to Michael Kaufmann from the Tobias Tree Foundation and Wilhelm Gatenbeck, Per Brinck and Marc Sommar from Roche for a productive and exciting morning!

As a first step, we will now finish the present prototype and test this on a larger medical team and further develop the Tobias Tree website. A preliminary page is available today and you can read more about the project at or on Facebook.