National Patient Overview

To see the full picture

Care teams get valuable decision support in the form of a cohesive patient journal – the National Patient Overview is the tool!

A ton of information about the patient

In 2015, Chorus received a mandate from the Stockholm County Council to build on the NPO. The new version of the NPO based entirely on the current national healthcare infrastructure. In addition to an updated interface, and access to more data, system performance has been improved greatly. The current version of the NPO was launched December 15, 2015.

To access NPO, healthcare personal must identify themselves with a SITHS-card. To meet the requirements of the Swedish Patient Data Act and the required security, NPO interacts with several infrastructure services.

Patient information available in the NPO includes: medical records, diagnostic imaging, diagnostics, clinical chemistry, pharmaceuticals and vaccinations.

With the patients consent, healthcare professionals from around the country can be authorised to access and share patient information with other healthcare workers around the country. Patients can also choose whether to block information that he/she doesn’t want other healthcare units to see.

Part of Inera’s digital service offerings

NPO is currently managed by Inrea which has a special management group for this service. Inera coordinates the county council and the regions’ joint e-health work and develops services for the benefit of residents, care and care staff and decision makers.Inera has a dedicated management team for the NPÖ service.

On it’s web page in June 2017, Inera states :

“National Patient Overview, NPÖ, enables authorized healthcare professionals to, with the consent of the patient, access journal information that has been registered with other county councils, municipalities or private healthcare providers. New survey gives high grades, among other things, users think the service is important, safe and reliable”

You can read more about, e.g. which healthcare providers are connected to the service at (Swedish only).