Health on Site

Mobile journal solutions

Tablets play an increasing role in healthcare
– This applies not least to mobile home care professionals.

What separates Health on Site from other solutions is that it isn’t linked to any specific EMR system or supplier

Health on Site is instead based on established standards for information management in health care, such as SITHS cards, security services for consent management and information blocking, are standard components in a Chorus solution.

Health on Site was developed for Stockholm Health Care Services (SLSO) together with the private care company TioHundra, which was jointly established by the county council and Norrtälje municipality. TioHundra aims to simplify cooperation between different principals and make life easier for patients. Thanks Health in Place, care teams can document  on-site and also directly view EMR-information that was previously printed out before leaving work.

The challenge was to create such an easy-to-use, but overall solution as possible, while maintaining information security.

The usefulness of the solution is demonstrated by the fact that it is used both by mobile care teams and by physicians inside the hospital. Several regions/county councils as well as various EMR-providers have shown interest in the solution and for its development potential..
TioHundra AB is a jointly owned company for cross-border county council and municipal care. The Stockholm Health Care Services (SLSO) handles primary care in Greater Stockholm.