Care plans – as patients wants them

How personal goals and standardized care plans lead to better health care!

How to create participation in your own care

Never before has it been so easy to follow which activities are planned to improve your personal health – regardless if you’re suffering from a single condition or is being treated for several different diagnoses. Activity lists in the mobile phone help the patient to push the process forward and the entire healthcare team can at any moment ensure that information about actions and results is available to all parties. In addition, the patient’s own goals are taken into account – what do I want to achieve from the treatment?

The patient sees exactly what’s going to happen in his/hers personal plan(s) and how information about treatments, medical assessments and health values give all parties a common view of how the work progresses. This creates participation and motivation as well as lessens anxiety when you become an active part of your own care.

From standardized care process to personal care plan

Much of the waiting times in health care depends on the amount of information being sent between different specialists in order to assess, approve and make decisions based on this flow. In addition, there’s an increased focus on everyone working according to agreed, well-proven processes – because this make it possible to track results and measure improvements. Therefore, FRISQ Care contains a large number of tools for internal care team collaboration as well as external communication with patients and other parties.

Chorus has worked closely with Frisq for the last couple of years, and we are very proud of the great interest that has been created both in Sweden and internationally as a result of this collaboration!

Link to FRISQ Care’s web page