Visit your doctor – 2.0

In 2017, the concept of online physicians was widely established.
– now, a new generation of services start to offer more efficient care!

Net doctors dramatically changed our interactions with primary care

Currently, it isn’t necessary to book an appointment and wait at the health center.  Now, we are given the opportunity to book a video call with a doctor and have a virtual visit via mobile or tablet device. This has increased both service levels and accessibility but a big problem remains – what do you do if a virtual meeting is not the optimal solution?

This is where Doctor24 comes in! Doctor24 can quickly determine if the best solution for the patient is a video meeting or a physical appointment, in the latter case, you can go straight ahead and book the meeting. With Doktor24 you will receive help wether it is as simple as “get rest and take a pain killer” to more serious cases which require you to call 112.

For us at Chorus, it has been incredibly exciting to develop this comprehensive solution with both patient and healthcare components – with the purpose to streamline and improve care!

But efficient patient solutions are not enough. Efficient care flows demands that everything also work well “behind the scenes”!

That is why Doctor24 contains a variety of monitoring features, reminders and communication tools to ensure coordination with simple yet powerful communication for professionals within healthcare.

Doctor24 contains a comprehensive admin solution that helps doctors and nurses to provide the highest possible care for their patients.

In this way, Doctor24 becomes a natural development of the first generation of online medical care solutions, and provides you with the best of on-line and off-line healthcare!

Link to Doktor24’s web page