Dan Lind new CEO at Chorus

We are very pleased to welcome Dan Lind as CEO at Chorus!
Danne has been here since the turn of the year 2016/2017 in the role of COO, but as the business is growing rapidly, we have now agreed to switch over him as CEO with overall operational responsibility for the entire day-to-day operations.

The change means that Casper Winsnes can concentrate on his role as Chief Innovation Officer, which is crucial in order to grow and develop Chorus. Casper will be responsible for developing new concepts within Chorus and in addition, he has an important role in Frisq AB as concept developer of Frisq Care,

Danne expresses this as follows: “–We are really growing right now, and of course it is both exciting and fun to get along with where it really happens. Obviously, it is a great challenge to be the CEO of such a driven and knowledgeable organization as Chorus. The division of roles that I and Casper do now feels natural because we can complement each other, while organizing work between us more efficiently. “

We warmly welcome Danne to his new position and are looking forward to many exciting challenges together!