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Chorus and Helseplan start cooperation

We at Chorus have always focused on developing new eHealth solutions. But equally important is a successful introduction of these solutions into daily operations! Therefore, it has only been logical to develop a closer cooperation with the healthcare consultancy Helseplan. This exciting company is also fully focused on creating better health care, but does this by facilitating the introduction of improved working methods and more efficient processes.

Helseplan and Chorus complement each other in a good way and we see many benefits in this cooperation for our respective customers. While Helseplan is working on site and are creates change together with healthcare professionals and decision makers, we at Chorus act as technical innovators and provide new services and solutions.

Both parties are eagerly looking forward to this new, exciting collaboration. Together, we now have 60 consultants who work from our respective starting points to find new ideas and solutions that will be of mutual benefit to patients and healthcare professionals!

Link to Helseplan’s web page