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Chorus takes its first step in the international arena!

We are proud to announce our exciting new collaboration with – Mongolia!

In the article from Digital Health here next you can read more about what we do for this exciting country.

We promise more news will follow as the project develops.

View of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar

Chorus establishes e-health services in Mongolia

The Swedish IT company Chorus will develop an e-health information exchange service in Mongolia.
The IT company is executing the project on behalf of the Ministry of Health in Mongolia, which has been granted a total loan of USD 17 million by the World Bank to develop health care in the country, according to a press release from Chorus.

Chorus will develop Mongolia’s e-health care together with a local partner. The purpose of the project is, among other things, to improve Mongolian public health and the collection of information that will form the basis for an inventory of needs for, for example, medicines and specialist care as well as overall national health planning.

Mongolia is vast and sparsely populated, but the use of smart phones is widespread. According to Chorus’s analysis, the construction of a platform and apps for e-health has great potential to quickly improve the state of health in the country. In Mongolia, for example, hepatitis virus infection and cardiovascular disease are very widespread.

“In addition to being inspiring and building Mongolia’s e-health, which will be of great importance to millions of people, the assignment is also a positive confirmation of our work on e-health, which we are naturally humbled by. Sure, there are challenges with differences in culture and experience, but above all there is a genuine common interest in making this work and in a way create the conditions that can improve the health of the population “, says Chorus CEO Dan Lind in a press comment.

The Mongolian Ministry of Health has demanded that Chorus use an open, effective and scalable standard.

The proposal presented and accepted by Chorus is therefore based on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), the new technical standard developed for e-health records management.

According to Chorus, patients should be able to receive help through the platform with both video and chat functions that are connected to doctors, pharmacies and medical systems.

Chorus has been active since 2007 and specializes in e-health solutions. The company currently has about 25 employees in its offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

According to the press information, Chorus has been instrumental in building the Swedish national infrastructure in healthcare, and has developed the Doktor24 and Frisq Care platforms.