Chorus – an idea that works

We at Chorus like it best when we work in areas not yet fully digitized – or where a better IT really matters. That’s when we can break new ground and show things as no one has seen or thought of them before.

Our History

Chorus’ founders, Anders Henriques and Casper Winsnes first met in 2002 at Gartner. The work there focused on analysis and advice, but they wanted to do nothing more than just giving recommendations in Powerpoint.

Our ideas led to Chorus – an organization focused entirely on developing next-generation care solutions for patients, relatives, healthcare and research professionals.

Today, we are over 20 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund and we work with the latest development tools for both web and mobile. Customers are found both in county councils around the country and among private healthcare providers and research units.

We have been around for 10 years now – but still feel that we are just in the beginning of our development trip. There are so many more exciting problems to solve!

How we work

Our projects are almost always innovation projects

This means that requirements and output are not fully established at project start-up, but instead are formulated during the course of work in close cooperation with the client. This way we do not risk getting stuck in an obsolete requirement specification but can modify the solution as requirements and priorities change during development work.

With us, project managers, developers, UX- and testing experts work in close cooperation. That’s how we get inspiration and outlets for our ideas and knowledge that lead to new care solutions. In 2017, Chorus has been around for over 10 years and we have completed more than 500 projects that create change and added value.

Work with Us