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To us, eHealth is everything!

“We focus solely on eHealth and build everything from large, complex platforms to small innovative niche services. In addition, we can manage an entire system, since we have deep understanding of healthcare integrations.”

How we work

Singing together

Chorus helps patients, healthcare professionals, family members and researchers to sing in harmony using the solutions we develop together. This way, we ensure that our work is a fusion of innovation and everyday realities.

Our approach

Technology and Expertise Working Together

Combining technology and ideas creates magic. But it requires an understanding of the limitations and opportunities that both of them entail. At Chorus, we work to draw on the limits of what is possible by developing solutions like no one has seen before!

We take ideas one step further

Good ideas are always our starting point.

But we also know how to pilot the ideas through the legal maze that applies in digital health, witout loosing sight of where we need to end up.

Client: Frisq AB


Since 2010, Chorus has been involved in providing healthcare and citizens with national access to patient records. But only looking at electronic medical records is like only looking in the rear view mirror – you can see what has happened, not what’s going to happen! In order to plan ahead and engage patients in their own care, it’s necessary to look forward – and this is where FRISQ Care comes in.

Chorus has been working closely with Frisq since 2016 where we have a dedicated development team which, on a daily basis, work intensively to develop and implement new services and solutions.

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Client: Aleris X


Swedish healthcare is changing rapidly and Aleris is, with its solution Doktor24, one of the most exciting new actors in this area.
Via Doktor24, you get AI triage on your phone 24/7 and can easily get access to the right care. Regardless if it involves self-care, video appointments, primary care or emergency care!

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Client: Stockholm Health Care Services (SLSO) and private care company TioHundra

Mobile journal solutions – Health on Site

Updating medical journals where you actually meet or care for your patient, has been impossible for Swedish healthcare professionals for far too long. The Health on Site application allows medical staff to read and write EMR information safely in the actual templates provided by the EMR system.

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Client Stockholm County Council (SLL)

National Patient Overview (NPÖ)

National Patient Overview is a web service where certified healthcare professionals can access the EMR information registered with other county councils, municipalities or private healthcare providers. The service is highly secure to meet the requirements of the Patient Data Act and collaborates with several other infrastructure services.
In 2015, Chorus was commissioned by the Stockholm County Council to rebuild NPÖ. The new version is based entirely on the national infrastructure.

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Chorus - Hitechbuilding, plan 11, Sveavägen 9, 111 57 Stockholm

Chorus - Mässans gata 18, 412 51 Göteborg

Chorus - Hitechbuilding, plan 11, Sveavägen 9, 111 57 Stockholm