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To us, eHealth is everything!

“We focus solely on eHealth and build everything from large, complex platforms to small innovative niche services. In addition, we can manage an entire system, since we have deep understanding of healthcare integrations.”

What is Chorus?

Chorus is an innovation-driven development consultant company specialized in the public and private e-health sector. Our work is focused on our customers’ unique situations and needs, and on rapidly develop bespoke solutions to meet them. 

We purposefully seek out innovative projects requiring new solutions and new thinking – often around the boundaries of existing methods – using processes where new connections are made and a holistic understanding is required.

Using modern standards and proven new technology we bridge gaps between systems and their users. Interoperability is one of our key areas and a major component in the majority of our projects. In a connected world, interoperability is a fundamental requirement for creating value for research, providers and patients alike.

Chorus is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with additional offices in Gothenburg and Lund, we work with diverse solutions on all levels: national e-health platforms, mobile eHealth, infrastructure, telemedicine solutions and custom clinical support systems. We are a crew of 20 developers that are able to form the teams needed to handle development projects in their entirety. 

We are an authority in mobile eHealth, architecture, systems integration and FHIR-based interoperability solutions. As such, we are frequent speakers, trainers, and presenters on new technology and we are proud to have won prestigious European awards for the solutions we have developed for our clients:


  • The European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration 2013 (My Healthcare Flows)
  • The Golden Mobile (Mobile innovation of the year 2013)
  • MedTech Award 2015 (Mobile EMR application for healthcare professionals)
  • MedTech Awards for Empowered Patients 2015 (National self-service for early detection and triage of symptoms)
  • The Athena Award 2016 (Internet-based treatment of social anxiety disorder)
We are driving the development towards international standards within Swedish healthcare

Information is the basis of all digital business support

It is about being able to find and display, store and send, sort and relate. To make the right information available at the right time and to share so that different parties can benefit from and build on each other’s solutions.

To cope with this, a common understanding and structure are needed. There are several initiatives in this area, but what is growing fastest internationally is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), which is developed by HL7, an international organization that carries out standard work in healthcare and which has more than 1,600 members in over 50 countries.

Through FHIR you get access to a proven international standard that makes it possible to exchange information between different care providers and systems. At present, lots of exciting health and care solutions are being developed with FHIR as a base and through this standard, you easily make your solution part of this growing group!

FHIR makes your solution internationally viable

Chorus is uniquely positioned to use FHIR as a springboard to realize utility and value. We have seen FHIR as the best way forward and have put our focus here early. Others reason like us – Apple has chosen FHIR for its commitment to health in HealthKit and the Swedish national service platform for eHealth is also proposed to be adapted to FHIR.

Get help from Chorus to get a fast start

We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of FHIR, with several implementations and ongoing projects that use the standard!

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Read more about our reference case FRISQ Care and Health on Site (HÄPP) below, which is based on FHIR.

Client: Stockholm Regional Health & Healthcare administration (HSF)

Range of Healthcare Services for Care Suppliers

How do health care professionals find the right caregiver for a referral? What other healthcare providers in the region handle a specific diagnosis, patient group or work under a specific agreement?

Quick and simple answers to these kinds of questions have been missing. Therefore, the Supply Management department within HSF started a project to present the region’s complete range of care with additional functions to search and filter on all relevant concepts. Chorus’s role has been to act as technical project management and developer of the solution.

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Client: Frisq AB


Since 2010, Chorus has been involved in providing healthcare and citizens with national access to patient records. But only looking at electronic medical records is like only looking in the rear view mirror – you can see what has happened, not what’s going to happen! In order to plan ahead and engage patients in their own care, it’s necessary to look forward – and this is where FRISQ Care comes in.

Chorus has been working closely with Frisq since 2016 where we have a dedicated development team which, on a daily basis, work intensively to develop and implement new services and solutions.

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Client: Aleris X


Swedish healthcare is changing rapidly and Aleris is, with its solution Doktor24, one of the most exciting new actors in this area.
Via Doktor24, you get AI triage on your phone 24/7 and can easily get access to the right care. Regardless if it involves self-care, video appointments, primary care or emergency care!

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Client: Stockholm Health Care Services (SLSO) and private care company TioHundra

Mobile journal solutions – Health on Site

Updating medical journals where you actually meet or care for your patient, has been impossible for Swedish healthcare professionals for far too long. The Health on Site application allows medical staff to read and write EMR information safely in the actual templates provided by the EMR system.

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Chorus - Hitechbuilding, plan 11, Sveavägen 9, 111 57 Stockholm

Chorus - Mässans gata 18, 412 51 Göteborg

Chorus - Hitechbuilding, plan 11, Sveavägen 9, 111 57 Stockholm